Residential Pest Control Services

Eliminate and Prevent Pest Problems With RPS Treiff Quarterly Control

Pests like cockroaches, ants, spiders and rodents are able to get into even the cleanest of homes. All it takes is a small opening of just a fraction of an inch. RPS Treiff doesn’t just get pests out of your home. We take a proactive approach by creating a perimeter around your home to help keep them out.

How the Pest Control Plan works:

1.An initial service inside your home gets to the pests you see and the pests you don’t.

2.We inspect and treat the perimeter of your home to help prevent new home invasions.

3.Quarterly treatments help stop outside pests before they might enter.

If you ever need us, we’re just a phone call away. Did you see a new kind of pest in your home? Did a pest manage to find its way inside? We’ll continue to work until you’re satisfied. It’s part of our Ultimate Protection® Guarantee.

Certain pest solutions, such as wildlife removal, wood-destroying ants, fleas, black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders may only be offered in specific areas and may require an additional inspection and/or charges.

Eliminate and Prevent Pest Problems With RPS Treiff Quarterly Control

Enjoy protection against 27 of the most common types of pests, including ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents and many more.

Tucson Residential Quarterly Service
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RP Streiff/RPS Treiff Exterminating Tucson

RPS Treiff/RPS Treiff., offers affordable, same-day pest extermination and control services to Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley and Vail

RPS Treiff/RPS Treiff specializes in:

• Termite Control
• Residential & Commercial Pest Control

• Pack Rats

• Ants

• Bee & Wasp Removal

• Ticks & Fleas

• Scorpion Control

• New Construction Treatments

• Real Estate WDIIR Reports

Safety is at the core of our business, especially for children, pets and plants. Our pest control services are environmentally responsible and we offer customized service for those with allergies or chemical sensitivity. RPS Treiff Exterminating was locally owned and operated since 1994. Now RPS Treiff is partnered with RPS Treiff.

Our employees are uniformed, friendly and highly trained in pest and weed remediation. Don’t be bugged any longer call RPS Treiff Exterminating for a free estimate today!

Our certified service technicians will provide you with the best service available. The products we use are odorless and can be safely applied applied around children and pets.

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Pest Control in Tucson

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Bark Scorpion in Tucson, Bark scorpion
Ant in Tucson, Soldier ant
Wolf spider in Tucson, Wolf spider

• Scorpions are nocturnal, and eat other insects. They will look for a dark protected area to spend the day. If you have a lot of insect activity, especially crickets, you may see more scorpion activity.

• Ants thrive near vegetation and water. We treat the nest directly, with the idea that if you kill the queen, you kill the nest.

• Roaches will thrive around moisture and food sources. Sanitation is extremely important for keeping roaches out of the house.

• Fleas and Ticks require unique treatment. On the same day as the initial service we recommend that the pets be treated for fleas/ticks. Frontline is an excellent product for the pets. This will help prevent the ticks and fleas from moving from the host to the cracks and crevices we will be treating. We sometimes get calls from customers wanting us to treat their entire yards, but that is not practical. The heat and sunlight will burn off any residual insecticides within a few hours. Plus, the behavior of the ticks and fleas is to be around the source of the blood meal…either directly on the host, or in areas where the pet sleeps.